Our Services


Making decisions about which cherished items will go with you can be difficult on any move. We understand the emotional attachment and sentimental value your possessions hold.

Whether you are downsizing to a smaller home, moving to a senior’s residence or remaining in your own home, we can assist in identifying and prioritizing needs. We offer a number of solutions personalized to your situation and will design  a plan that meets your needs. We want to take the stress away from downsizing or relocating.

Conceirge Service

Whether you’re a senior, or an aging adult, you might be having difficulty organizing your daily tasks. We offer non-medical home support for seniors in their homes or assisted living facilities. This can include:

– Running errands

– Setting appointments

– Problem solving

– Transportation

– Telephone calls

– Letter writing

Personal Inventory

It’s important to have a home inventory, even though most people don’t. Insurance companies always ask for proof of stolen, damaged, or destroyed goods. We all accrue a lot over our lifetime, and you want to have everything accounted for.

What are personal inventories for?

– Rightsizing/downsizing: knowing what you have will help make quicker decisions

– Estate planning: list the items that you would like to leave to your family. friends, charities, and be attached as an addition to a will

– Insurance claims: saving you the time of having to find information or receipts to substantiate your loss

Day to Day Scheduling

“Trying to plan an outing recently with my mother made me realize that we could do with some help. When I asked her about going out, she gave me several reasons why should couldn’t, focusing on medical appointments. These appointments were days away. She reiterated her list of appointments and other errands on her to-do list. These were preventing her from doing something enjoyable.” – Gail

The standard time-management techniques we use in our daily lives–prioritizing tasks into categories from least important to very important–are not very relevant to an older adult. One big contributor to seniors feeling overwhelmed or stressed by tasks may be that they are experiencing their physical limitations and worried that moving slower will prohibit them from completing the things they need done.